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Carola Locke

Carola  Locke is an artist. Not one who paints out of inner turmoil or from pain and suffering, but an artist who wishes to share her lovely and imaginative view of the world. For the past ten years she has been testing her artistic limits: preparing to present her musings. From portraits to coffee to rocks, her paintings differ from most contemporary art in that she always works toward photo-realism.

      Her history in the theater as an actress and scenic artist have given her a creative view of people and has influenced her preference of classical and theatrical portraiture. When a painting is complete, her portraits seem to bring life from the eyes and emotion from the soul. As an avid cyclist, she has been exposed to the beauty and simplicity of bicycles and the variety of people who ride them. Cycling and pedestrian advocacy being very important to her, she is able to put passion into her cycling paintings; not merely painting a representation, but presenting a viable way of life based on real people. While studying water and trees in the Pacific Northwest,  she also spent time studying local beers and brew pubs. Beer being a thing of joy forever, she has used a lovely pint of beer as many of her painting subjects. As always, her use of light and depth bring out the realism and hidden subtleties. Another passion of hers is to take something very small and unnoticed in nature and magnify it in detail on the canvas. Simple rocks with moss, a water puddle, all this and more does she bring to the viewers' attention (with a bit of added fantasy in the color and the details).

       Carola has held the position of scenic artist for The Promise in Glen Rose since 2009. Her private work is displayed in numerous small businesses across Fort Worth and the surrounding metroplex. She participated in Music Arte de Fort Worth 2010, and in the 2010-2011 Arts Goggle. She has been artist of the month for Dunn Bros. Coffee and was on display in the Firehouse Gallery in March of 2011.

    "It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life" Bilbo Baggins.

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