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      I love art. Always have. As a kid I drew, painted, sculpted, carved sticks, engaged in any type of art I could get my hands on. I remember the first person with tattoos I engaged with. It was my older cousin, Warren, who had a simple chain and cross around his calf. He told me he drew it on himself every day (so as not to lead me down a path of sin with interest in tattoos!). Either drawn on, or real, I loved it. As I came into adulthood, I gained my own tattoos, and wanted to learn to do them. After years of asking my tattoo artist to teach me, he finally said "yes" and thus began an adventure into a new realm of art. It's great. It's harder than it looks, and uses different techniques than any other art form I'd been used to. I hope I'll always be learning and improving in this field of art.

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